Rare Bass Fishing Procedure

A Rare Bass Fishing Procedure That Only some Professionals (and Amish) Know about!


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A Rare Bass Fishing Procedure That Only some Professionals (and Amish) Know about  – Numerous decades in the past, I figured out an extraordinary bass fishing procedure. I had been bass fishing at Oliver Lake in northern Indiana and seen a man in a very modest, cheap boat catching largemouth bass a person right after yet another!
And keeper measurement far too!

Rare Bass Fishing Procedure

Now I am a respectful fisherman and frequently maintain my distance so as never to interrupt and scare the fish absent. But immediately after awhile, as he held catching keepers, I decided to go about and say hi. He was an amiable Amish fellow who has a beard and straw hat. I discovered a rubber worm that he was employing that was contrary to any rubber worm I had witnessed before. Vibrant gold exposed hooks, purple body with a harness line. When I asked him about it, he instructed me it was “the state” which it was the only matter in his tackle box – just in numerous colors.

When I requested how I could get one particular, he reported they were built locally by the Amish and instructed me of the area tackle shop that bought them. I went straight to this bait shop and purchased a range to try. Boy, am I glad I did! I have never been so productive with another hook. Period.

On the other hand, I have acquired a rigging system which makes this neutral buoyancy worm more irresistible. It truly is the way it’s rigged for presentation. The worm harness is tied into a separate 3-foot piece of line. This line is said on the smallest swivel you could locate, then just above the swivel, connect one lead split also shot the least you could locate. This is the light setup, and so, cannot be solid for great distances. But this bass fishing method is so thriving; you will not throw fantastic distances. Just give your rod a little twitch as you troll about. The worm will not likely float instead of sink. The nominal weight of your swivel and break upshot will inevitably fall towards the weed level with all the worm just above the weeds. Right, the place you won’t be! Just give an occasional twitch and get wanting to rumble!


Dependant upon whereby the fish can be found; you should utilize a heavier right weight to drag the worm shut on the lake bottom or obliterate the direct bodyweight to work the worm close to the drinking water area. In any case, when utilizing this bass fishing procedure, remember to work the worm Slowly and gradually and give it a quick twitch just about every at the time in an even though. Fish tend to present a significant amount of desire within this worm, and plenty of will stick to it out of curiosity. The occasional twitch can make the infection accelerate all of a sudden, attractive the fish to assault it. The exposed hooks are likely to make the worm virtually difficult to spit out the moment it is has been bitten. Which suggests you might convert.

Another bass fishing technique and my favored way of fishing the State when there is a breeze will be to drift fish. Head into your wind, and anytime you get to the tip of your physique of h2o, transform sideways and throw out into the wind. It is possible to allow line out towards the length you’d like after which be sure you’ve your drag set appropriately simply because you will soon fight with the arms. This can be the lazy man’s strategy for fishing which satisfies me high-quality. Again, recall to provide it a twitch though, to extend your hits.

One more issue. This “stustie” worm has exposed hooks and can occasionally snag a weed. Bass will likely not chunk this entice whether it is dragging a pot. So clear away any weeds every time you reel it in.

The scientific studies have become my entice of alternative, and when you are trying it, it’ll be your way too!

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