When To Use Thin Wire Hooks


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When To Use Thin Wire Hooks  – Today in the tackle box, I’m going to talk to you a little bit about what we’re doing today on Catalina Island.
We’re using live baits, and we’re targeting some of these surface fish, like Bonita, calico bass.
Looking for a barracuda, hopefully, we’ll find one.
But because we’re using small baits and we’re going after these fish with really sharp teeth like the Bonita and the Barracuda, I think it’s essential that you use a circle hook.
Now, today I’m using a thin wire circle hook because we’re using tiny baits.
And this is the difference between a large circle hook and a thin wire.
If you use the big circle hook on a little bit, you’re just going to drown it, it’s not going to look natural, and you won’t catch any fish.
With this thin wire hook, even though it looks minimal, it works out good with the smaller baits.
It’s going to swim more natural, look attractive to those game fish and they’re going to come up and eat it.
Again, another thing I like about circle hooks is, not only for the teeth-y fish–or creatures like barracuda or Bonita, I also want them for calico bass, because now with the new size limits that they have to be 14 inches, you’re going to catch lots of shorts.
And because of that, you can use the circle hook, hook them in the corner of their jaw, release them, and you’re never going to hurt ’em.
That’s another advantage to using circle hooks.
Such situations like this, I recommend you use a circle hook, and with the small baits, I suggest that you use a thin wire circle hook.
You can visit your local tackle store; lots of different brands, lots of people, various manufacturers make these hooks.
Go pick out one that you like, and I’m sure you’ll be successful with it.
Well, let’s get back on the water and show you more exciting action right here on “sportfishing.

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