Spotted Bass Seasonal Movements


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Spotted Bass Seasonal Movements


During the winter months spotted bass can be found in a couple of areas. Some spots prefer to suspend in steeply banked coves while others will suspend in and around deeply submerged trees. In deep clear water, lake spots may suspend anywhere between 30 to over 100 feet deep.

Spotted Bass Seasonal Movements.

Spring Spawn

In the spring spots will move into shallow to spawn. Spotted bass will follow channels leading to main lake flats and creek arms to generate. The preferred spawning grounds are usually areas with small or pea gravel. Spotted bass spawn in temperatures a little warmer than smallmouth, but cooler than largemouth.

Spotted Bass Seasonal Movements.

Post Spawn

After spawning spotted bass will actively feed on shad. At this time the areas that will hold the most shad will be around brush or standing timber in creek arms. Spots won’t hold up in the brush or timber. Instead, they prefer to suspend in open water around the brush and wait to ambush schools of baitfish.


During the summer months, spots typically suspended in the deep open water near main lake structure like points, humps or channels. Spots often move in shallow at night to feed. Look for long slow tapering points or main lake humps for feeding spots.


During the fall schools of spotted bass will roam open water feeding on shad. They can often be found on main lake points and suspending over main lake structure like humps or river channels.

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